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With a global network of contacts and a great eye for talent, Samantha is well-versed in the entire casting process. That includes research, outreach, interviewing, editing, booking, and more. From "real people" to actors, models, influencers, and CEOs, she has discovered talent from all across the globe. During her time at HGTV's "House Hunters International", she cast nearly 100

episodes internationally!


Samantha has a deep understanding of storytelling having produced content and events across 25 countries and 5 continents. As a seasoned project manager, she always keeps clients happy with clear communication and quality results delivered on time and on/under budget. From location scouting and scheduling to hiring crew, renting gear, budgeting, and more she handles it all with a smile. On the creative front, she has an eye for design, storytelling, curating experience  interviewing, directs cameras, managing talent and more.


Last but not least, Samantha manages post production from start to finish with a keen eye for detail. She has been a part of the post process across film, tv and social media and marketing. From cutdowns to archival roll, audio mix, color correction, and more, she can manage multiple projects while staying organized and creative. She has no problem combing through hours of footage to discover the best moments and always knows the perfect music track. She can edit herself and has great teams of polishing editors to add that final touch.

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